Airport Road
Overview shot of Airport Road from the Space Needle Observation Deck in the late 80's/early 90's
These two photos looking up Airport Road in the late 90's show The Space Needle with a place simply called: Ice Cream, Food and Funnel Cakes in the old Dairy Queen.  Next to that is a place called: A & G Fashion Outlet. Next to that in the old Lums/Frisch's buidling is Mr Tablecloth. Past that is a parking lot. Closer to the Parkway you can see a Burger King which as of 2011 has converted to t Dunkin Donuts.
The photo on the left shows that the old Dairy Queen has now become Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta. This photo was probably taken in the early 2000's. On the right is a photo that dates back to the late 80's/early 90s' is a picture of The Gillette Motel. Next to to that is the old Bearland Lodge Motel which is ow a parking lot.
Looking out the balcony of the Holiday Inn in the mid 90's. The Holiday Inn is now The Garden Plaza Inn
Inside the Holidome at the Holiday Inn in the mid 90's. Although this still exists, I don't believe it's quite the same.
East Parkway
Interesting photo, probably from the early 90's heading down East Parkway towards the Parkway. I'm not sure what that building up on the left is, I don't think it is there anymore, but then again in might me