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Mountain Mall
Some photos of the outside of Mountain Mall
Mountain Mall Directory
Wendy's on the B Level of Mountain Mall can be entered from either the outside of Mountain Mall or the inside. It has a terrific view of the Parkway.
Next to Wendy's in Mountain Mall is a restaurant called New York Pizza & Pasta as shown in the photo on the left. The photo on the right although a bit blurry shows Level B in the other direction.
The Rhythm Section and Aunt Mahalia's Candies on Level A of Mountain Mall
This photo is of the large fountain in Mountain Mall that Spans all six levels. This photo is taken from the top floor: Level F. Behind the fountain are the restrooms that were put in probably in the late 90's in the spot that I believe was once occupied by Buckboard Too. At that time the restrooms were on the same level on the right side.
The video on the left is some footage inside of Mountain Mall. The video on the right is some  brief footage of the Parkway around the Mountain Mall area.